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A Unified Security and Alerting solution! Our software continually monitors your network and when triggered sends alerts and isolates the source to contain the threat.

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HIPAA Compliance Program

From ICS Medtech

Easy, Affordable, & Automated Process

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Cyber Security As A Service

INSIDE|OUT is your complete Cyber Security as a Service solution to Monitor, Alert, and Control a breach. We provide deep level scans and reporting that meet numerous compliance standards as well as the peace of mind knowing if there is a breach you will be alerted and the device will be controlled.



We collect and analyze your data to produce the required documentation to meet HIPAA regulations. We don’t simply hand you templates and ask you to do the work. A true assessment requires complete technology infrastructure documentation and a security analysis as the basis for all other steps.



We’ve packaged our most popular courses together to create healthcare compliance course bundles to take the guess work out of your staff training. These course bundles include HIPAA, OSHA, EEO and Medicare Fraud & Abuse to provide training at a fraction of the cost in both time and money.


Asset Discovery

Do you know what devices are on your network? Do you know if those devices are up to date, or what applications are running on them? ICS Medtech provides services that deliver deep level detail of a client network. Our service gives you the ability to always “Know What You Don’t Know”!



We perform technology scanning and reporting to meet all standard assessment credentials. We perform deep level scanning and interview the needed parties in order to supply assessments such as Security Risk to supply the MACRA requirement, Vulnerability to supply PCI or HIPPA.


Incident Response

ICS Medtech provides the skillset and the tools necessary to provide deep level scanning and forensic analysis in the event of a breach or loss of data. We work hand in hand with your technology provider to deliver efficient results. All findings are documented and stored in our portal for your use. 



In July of 2015 we created ICS Cyber Management to develop an easy and affordable program to address the entire range of compliance concerns.  We started with a simple question: What does it take to provide a complete and acceptable assessment and to achieve and maintain audit readiness?

A true assessment requires complete technology infrastructure design documentation and a security analysis as the basis for all other steps to reach an audit ready status. A qualified third party technical analyst should evaluate the data gathered as well as the policy and procedure documentation to assess whether these policies and procedures are in use as the standard operating procedures. Finally an archive is needed storing, full electronic documentation of the technical data, required policies and procedures, training certifications, breach plan, and ongoing measures to ensure privacy are required.

The ICS Cyber process provides a complete assessment and a complete set of documentation that establishes audit readiness for the client. We provide continuous documentation management to assure that the client remains Audit Ready All The Time!

With the introduction of our Breach Monitoring system INSIDE|OUT, we now offer a unified security and alerting solution! This software continually monitors your network and when triggered alerts you isolate and contain the threat. Combined with our Network Enforcer module, we now offer the ability to automatically contain the zero day machine!



Ransomware and Virus Detection
Vulnerability Scanning
Intelligence Gathering
Zero Day Machine Containment
Whitelist Trusted Devices
Asset Discovery and Management
Blacklist Infected Devices
Threat Alerting
Insider Threat Mitigation
Detailed Logging and Reporting
24/7 NOC monitoring
Unauthorized Login Alerts

WHAT ICS Cyber Management PROVIDES

An Alabama based company with dedicated experience in Data Security and Regulatory Compliance to provide high quality service at an affordable price.

    • Easy and Affordable HIPAA Compliance Program


    • INSIDE|OUT Breach Management


    • Security Risk Assessments


    • Ransomware, Malware Alerting


    • Forensic Analysis


    • Audit Support





Imagine a compliance program that uses everyday language and automation to simplify the process for every HIPAA Officer and practice manager. Our HIPAA program takes the stress off the practice manager by giving you a full time resource to manage all of your compliance needs.

Inside|Out is an all-in-one appliance that monitors and alerts on any event or threat as they occur withinyour network and take action to isolate the device or threat before the damage is spread throughout your network. It is designed for any size business to provide an affordable Breach Management Solution.

Sign up to take all of your required training online today! It is fast, easy, and classes can be taken on any device.