Cyber Shield

Your First Line Of Defense


Cyber Shield - Your First Line Of Defense

We live in a world where more than a million threats per day are discovered, and more than a million domains are registered each month with many of those only used for malicious intent. Studies show that 85% of new domains added are used for malicious content.

With Cyber Shield from ICS Cyber Management you have a first line of defense if you mistakenly connect to an unknown malicious site. Cyber Shield provides protection from millions of known malicious sites by blocking the request as it leaves your network. This stops the ability for a connection to be made to a malicious site and thus causing your internal network harm.

This service is cloud based and can be used by a single machine, home network, or corporate network of any size. The service is cloud based, geolocated, scalable, and provides a first line of defense for all!


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Cyber Shield

Cloud Based Defense

Cyber Shield by ICS Cyber Management is a cloud based First Line Of Defense to block communication attempts to known malicious sites. Geo-located for high availability.

Continuous Feed Updates

Cyber Shield is continuously updated, so you have the most up to date level of protection from malicious sites and adware. This removes the need for YOU to Blacklist.


Cyber Shield checks requests leaving your network against millions of known malicious sites and blocks requests that are potentially harmful. Continuously updated and always on!

First Line Of Defense

Cyber Shield Stops requests to known Malicious Sites and Adware before they have the ability to put your computer or network at risk of infection. Providing a First Line Of Defense.

Cloud Based

Cyber Shield is Cloud Based with High Availability – No hardware or software needed!

Domain and Adware Blocking

There are millions of harmful Domains and Adware sites to potentially cause your network harm! Cyber Shield blocks known harmful domains to help keep you safe.

Automatic Feed Updates

There is no need to make updates or changes on your end! Cyber Shield is updated continuously!

Whitelist Capable

Cyber Shield provides the capability to white list a site you need to access that has been deemed safe by our team of security professionals.


ICS Cyber Management provides monthly reports to give you insight into the coverage that was delivered by Cyber Shield!

Your Security Team

Cyber Shield is monitored by a team of SOC engineers within ICS Cyber Management. Service is our number 1 goal. We work with you to guide your understanding of all reports and alarms.