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Happy World Password Day

Today is World Password Day which was created to encourage people to think about how vulnerable a poor password can leave you. We all know it is essential to protect our information but this year, while we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic the FBI has shown that cyber-crimes have quadrupled.


As you know ICS Cyber Management recommends using a paid service like LastPass to keep and store all of your passwords. LastPass has produced a Psychology of Passwords report in which they surveyed 3,250 people around the world to study and report on their online security habits.


2/3 of people reuse passwords

As we have pointed out in the past, a good rule is to try to never use the same password across all your online accounts because in the event of a hack or breach an attacker could have the opportunity to steal your data from multiple sites. 66% of the people surveyed admitted they used the same passwords on most of their online accounts and of those 66%, 91% admitted they were aware that was not a safe practice. DON’T BE LIKE THE 66%!


If an online site offers two factor authentication it is recommended you take advantage of that. This provides a second step to your log in process that sends a code to your phone via SMS or text message or an email with a code that you would then enter on that site to gain access. This makes it very difficult for a hacker to steal access to your most important accounts.


You are in control of your overall security, the more layers you implement the less chance you run of losing critical data, or worse losing total access to your own accounts. Paid tools like LastPass are great because all your usernames and passwords are stored in one location that can be accessed via extensions within your browser or from and app on your phone. But it is critical if you use a service like this to make sure that the master password to the account app is very difficult and does not match any other password you own!


As always, if you have any questions please reach out to ICS Cyber Management!