INSIDE|OUT is a complete Cyber Security Managed Solution for businesses of all sizes

INSIDE|OUT is a Cyber Security Managed Service that provides 365x24x7 monitoring, alerting, and control of intrusion attempts (breach) from inside and outside your network. As the name suggests our system resides within your network to provide the highest level of control to keep you safe from a breach. This solution is a managed service meaning we work alongside your IT staff or your IT vendor to keep your environment as safe as possible. We continuously scan your environment for all assets along with their patch levels so you are always aware of any vulnerability or device that can harm your network.

We have the capability to actively and automatically isolate a threat to defeat replication that can affect the entire network from a single system or device breach or infection. INSIDE|OUT provides automated control and the flexibility for the IT staff to review the devices in question and to clean those devices before allowing them back on the network. This is a truly unique, but needed, process to actually stop an attack instead of just identifying it and watching it proliferate.

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INSIDE|OUT provides 365x24x7 continuous monitoring, alerting, and control as well as a dedicated staffed SOC working with your IT team to ensure all aspects of security are covered. We provide detailed reports outlining the mitigation steps for each security issue, and detailed analysis and alarms to take corrective action in the event of a breach.


The first step in security is to collect and document the assets that are on your network and to verify that software and patch versions are up to date. INSIDE|OUT provides this as a continuous service, as well as alerts you to any open ports, vulnerabilities, or changes to your network! This takes the guesswork out of patch management.


INSIDE|OUT identifies threats quickly and takes action by alerting both our SOC and your dedicated IT resource and provides immediate control to isolate the device in question before the threat can spread. We monitor for threats both inside and outside your firewall with cyber intelligence that a true firewall can not do. Thus the name INSIDE|OUT.


INSIDE|OUT provides the ability to actively and automatically isolate a device that has been breached which gives the IT staff the flexibility to review and clean the device in question without the fear of the threat replicating throughout the network. We identify all assets and then assist in determining which assets INSIDE|OUT controls in the event of a breach.

Ransomware and Virus Detection

INSIDE|OUT provides real-time monitoring, alerting, and control to contain virus or threat outbreaks before they replicate within your environment. In the event of an attack the system alarms, alerts and controls the device in question


INSIDE|OUT provides detailed level reporting on all areas of your network. These reports are delivered in easy to understand formats and lists the mitigation steps needed to remediate any finding.

Vendor Management

We review all vendor agreements and levels of access to ensure they meet all requirements set by your organization. This process is fully documented and stored in our client portal for use in the event an compliance issue or investigation.

Policies and Procedures

In order to understand how your business functions on a daily basis we review all policies and procedure. Those policies and procedures are reviewed,and updated on a continuous basis to maintain the highest level of security and functionality for your business. All documents are stored in our secure portal for ease of access and use.

Risk Assessment

With INSIDE|OUT you receive ongoing Risk Assessments throughout the year to continuous monitor, update, and document any changes to your environment. This Risk Assessment satisfies the need for MACRA, HIPAA and Meaningful Use documents.


All documentation, reports, and network events that are processed by INSIDE|OUT are stored in our secure portal for review in the event of a incident.

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For more information on the services we provide please click the link below to download our 2018 INSIDE|OUT Features and Benefits document or contact us today!

INSIDE|OUT Specsheet 2018