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New SMS/Text Message Scam

SMS and Text messages are still used by businesses to let you know of current promotions and other important things happening within the business. Typically, these messages are very short in nature, and potentially come from a phone number that you do not recognize and may or may not include your name within the message.


What should never be included in these messages are requests for you to log into a URL that is included in the text message or respond with any type of credential request. Further, when you get a message on your phone it is harder to detect that a URL may in fact be bogus due to the spacing and size limitations on your cell phone.


We have noticed an increased amount of these scam type texts in the recent months. Below is a real example that came to a family member of the ICS Cyber Management team last week. In this case it is a scam targeting your PayPal account, but this could easily target any company!



The message alerts you to the fact there is an issue with your PayPal account, and it is attempting to get you to login via the website included in the link. This is only an attempt to steal the login and password to your PayPal account. A message like this is playing on your emotions that you will immediately click the link and supply the requested credentials before you realize it is a fake!


What should you do if you receive a message like this:


  1. Pay very close attention to the language in the text. Notice the grammatical errors above: “In other to continue using our server” – In a lot of scam type emails or text messages the language is bad or there could be numerous misspelled words, this should always be a first sign.
  2. Reputable companies would never send out notifications such as this, this should be a telephone call from an agent within the company who should be able to identify themselves to you before you give away any of your information.
  3. If you get a message like this, DO NOT click the link, go to the site directly from your computer, phone, or app and login to verify if your account has issues.
  4. Report this to the company so their fraud department can make a note of this and try to stop the thief or at least alert their customers to the potential scam.
  5. Finally, block the telephone number that sent this message to you on your phone so that you would never get another text or call from that number.


As always if you have any questions you can give ICS Cyber Management a call and we would be happy to answer any questions to assist you!