Overwatch Platform

Advanced Internal Security Alerting Solution


Cyber Security For Small To Medium Businesses

For years small to medium business has been left out when it comes to affording a quality Cyber Security Platform! THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!

Overwatch Platform is a Cyber Security Managed Service that provides daily monitoring and alerting of intrusion attempts (breach) from inside and outside your network. This advanced Cyber Security platform works 24/7 to identify anomalous user behavior, suspicious network changes, and threats caused by internal vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that your firewall and anti-virus may miss. This solution is a managed service meaning we work alongside your IT staff or your IT vendor to keep your environment as safe as possible. We continuously scan your environment for all assets along with their patch levels so you are always aware of any vulnerability or device that can harm your network.

This service provides actionable intelligence that protects your business by alerting to changes or threats giving time to create an action plan to mitigate the threat. For as little as $100.00 per month you can have peace of mind knowing you have a managed internal cyber security platform that protects your business from external threats like viruses and malware, but also from far more prevalent internal cyber risks as well.

Businesses think that their MSP is monitoring their environment for security threats. Most MSP contracts do not provide this service, and in fact, it is recommended to have an independent 3rd party provide your security solution. ICS Cyber Management provides security services in an unbiased method to keep your business as safe as possible without attempting to sell you something you do not need and giving you paperwork you don’t have time to review!

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Overwatch Platform provide daily monitoring, alerting, and documentation as well as a dedicated staffed SOC working with your IT team to ensure all aspects of security are covered. We provide detailed reports outlining the mitigation steps for each security issue, and detailed analysis and alarms to take corrective action in the event of a breach.


The first step in security is to collect and document the assets that are on your network and to verify that software and patch versions are up to date. The Overwatch Platform provides this as a continuous service, as well as alerts you daily to any open ports, vulnerabilities, or changes to your network! This takes the guesswork out of patch management.


Overwatch Platform identifies threats and takes action by alerting both our SOC and your dedicated IT resource. While firewalls and anti-virus are vital, these platforms target only a small portion of your Cyber Defense. Overwatch Platform provides cyber intelligence that a true firewall and anti-virus can’t giving you a true Cyber Platform to keep your business safe.


The Overwatch Platform collects and analyzes your data to produce the required documentation to meet Government regulations. We don’t simply hand you templates and ask you to do the work. A true assessment requires complete technology infrastructure documentation and a security analysis as the basis for all other steps.

Vulnerability Assessments

With Overwatch Platform, vulnerability assessments are continuously running to provide you the most up to date picture of your internal network. This reporting provides an insight into any potential security flaw inside your network and the ICS Cyber Management team will deliver step by step methods to mitigate any risk!

Breach Detection

Overwatch Platform provides the ability to identify potential security breaches as well as detect malicious software. The ICS Cyber Management SOC receives detailed information on the potential threat to quickly guide the customer or IT vendor thru mitigating the threat.

Risk Assessment

With the Overwatch Platform you receive ongoing Risk Assessments throughout the year to continuously monitor, update, and document any changes to your environment. This Risk Assessment satisfies the need for regulatory compliance as well as gives you detailed information on each device within your network.

Detect Change

Overwatch Platform enables the ability for change detection of your network. From changes as small as a device connecting to a new network or a new device connecting to your network those are identified and alerted to you by our software and SOC.

Detailed Reporting

Overwatch Platform provides detailed reporting on all areas of your network. With these reports you will know if you have rouge or out of date software, or if there are machines storing sensitive data. These reports are delivered in easy to understand formats and lists the mitigation steps needed to remediate any finding.

Your Security Team

The Overwatch Platform is monitored by a team of SOC engineers within ICS Cyber Management. Service is our number 1 goal. We work with you to guide your understanding of all reports and alarms.