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Ready to learn, or gain more knowledge, about HIPAA Compliance?

ICS Medtech has developed an e-learning program in which to make learning about HIPAA policies an ease through an online portal that you can do at your convenience and pace.

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Through either ICS Medtech’s Healthcare Compliance Essentials or Complete bundles users can boost their knowledge of HIPAA as well as EEO and OSHA protocols. Each course ranges from 20-45 minutes, with the Essentials bundle consisting of 7 courses and the Complete bundle with 14 courses.

eLearning image 2Even though this e-learning program is focused on HIPAA education, it is not limited specifically to that. ICS Medtech offers classes in Medicare Compliance, OSHA for Healthcare, and User Awareness Training. While bundles are fixed, any course can be purchased individually.

eLearning image 3ICS Medtech also keeps up with your training for you! After you complete a class a certificate is emailed to you and saved online in case you need to access it in the future. Another convenient responsibility ICS Medtech has undertaken is renewals. To help you say compliant to HIPAA policy, at a time determined by you, ICS Medtech will email to remind you of the yearly qualification for you and your employees. They will keep an up-to-date log of your employees, which classes they have taken, and when they completed the courses.

eLearning CertificateTo learn more about the e-learning program ICS Medtech is offering please visit and click the e-learning tab in the top right corner OR call 205-423-6940 to speak to a representative.