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Real Talk – Why is Cyber Security behind?

As a Cyber Security Services company, we often wonder why in 2020 Cyber Security is so far behind and why we continue to see so many large breaches of data.


Is this a funding issue? It is expensive to hire an expert. It is also expensive to implement the tools needed by that expert to fully protect your company. There are numerous options now for products and services for you to choose from and I understand that can be difficult. ICS Cyber Management provides plans that fit all sizes and budgets that doesn’t require you hiring more staff or paying for hardware and software.



The question I will ask you is, how is paying a ransom and the costs that come with a breach a better decision than proactively protecting yourself at a low monthly cost?

Is this an education issue? While cyber threats change daily, the basic fundamentals of good security must be implemented. To start you must identify what is on your network. This starts with a risk assessment following all industry standard security frameworks (COBIT, ISO, NIST, CSF, AICPA, etc) but at minimum an asset inventory assessment of all hardware and software. Most all of the asset scans we have provided to customers have uncovered devices, systems, or software they had no idea was active within the environment. After you identify and understand your environment you must protect by training all employees on proper cyber hygiene, implementing policies and procedures, and maintain proper maintenance on all devices. You must be able to detect and respond to a threat and finally be able to recover in the event of an incident. All of which are services offered by ICS Cyber Management at rates any size organization can afford.

Is this an overconfidence issue? I am not trying to be rude or offensive, but every member of the IT community needs to step back and ask themselves this question. Do you think you live in a small town or have a small business and are less likely to be targeted? Do you have a false sense of protection that your IT company or team have security covered and can identify any potential risk or threat? Do you think you are educated or experienced enough to handle any security threat that could come your way? Or do you simply refuse to spend the money up front and feel like you will not be a target or can easily get out of an issue should it arise? You cannot do what you have always done and expect to gain improvement or maturity in your cyber security program.


We understand Cyber Security is frustrating and costly. So is insurance, but we all have to have it. Again, this week, the State of Alabama is in the news for having a city government completely locked down due to a Ransomware event, even though there was adequate warning a breach had occurred and the potential for ransomware deployment was high. In this case the precautions and warnings were not enough to prevent either the IT group or vendor from stopping the issue.


ICS Cyber Management is dedicated to providing Cyber Security solutions to businesses of all sizes at a price that fits all budgets before, during, or after an emergency occurs.


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