Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Program

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Program

Many of today’s organizations are unable to afford a dedicated CISO or security advisor to help navigate the risks associated with today’s world.  vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) is a program designed to make top-tier security experts available to organizations who need security expertise and guidance.  Through this service you will be able to partner with a seasoned expert to build an information security program that works with your business objectives to improve your security posture. This service provides a path for applying verifiable industry experience to your needs and applies scalable bandwidth and flexible costs.

Most organizations appointed “security offices” have very little formal training and would not count security as their primary job function. The vCISO brings access to a team of experts with a wide range of specialized expertise to help augment internal capabilities. The vCISO works with all business and functional lines to ensure a comprehensive and strategic approach in mitigating operational risks. They will work with your team to define the desired state and to ensure compliance with regulatory mandates. They will assess the current state of your business needs and will develop a security program based on a gap analysis.

The market for security talent is extremely tight. With the vCISO program from ICS Cyber Management there is no turnover just results with the application of a proven methodology. Whether you need high level guidance on a monthly basis or need hands-on help several days a week, a vCISO will be able to build a solution for you. Many small to mid-sized businesses can’t afford to attract and retain the talent needed to ensure comprehensive oversight in these areas. With the vCISO program from ICS Cyber Management you have direct access to resources as you need them.

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vCISO Team of Resources

The vCISO Program by ICS Cyber Management gives you access to a dedicated team of Security Experts.


The vCISO Program supplies Compliance Experts tailored to your industry to guide compliance reporting.


Your team at ICS Cyber Management interfaces with auditors, assessors, and examiners if needed.

Program Development

The vCISO Program from ICS Cyber Management develops security program development, integration, and enforcement.

Dedicated Team of Security Resources

Security Program Devolpment and Integration

On-Demand Consultation

Policy and Procedure Development

Vendor Management

incident Response Planning